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With its vast range of standard elements, Elesa+Ganter covers most application scenarios. But, with special designs, Elesa+Ganter also meets highly specific...

The market for apps - application software designed for mobile devices - already employs 1 million developers and 800 000 people in marketing and support posts in the EU.

New products

Reliable and efficient suction-delivery hose widely used in numerous branches of industry, designed to transfer fuel, liquid petrochemical products with aromatic content up to 50%.
This adjustment slide system meets any individual requirement. Every axis configuration is possible.
The pallet system varioSTACK can be adjusted to a wide range of applications. Due to a new modular and compact concept an optimal price-performance ratio is achieved.
IEF-Werner offers the perfect solution with its module concept for all automation application within the pneumatics range: lift table, linear modules, gripper modules, rotary modules, accessories.
aiPRESS servo presses are used to produce accurate and reproduceable joining connections. Its flexible design allows both, integration into a production line as well as the installation in manual work
Thermomanagement, oil air cooler, oil water cooler, tank heatings, industrial controller, level and temperature switch.
For BSK and BNK tanks, with and without foot, the collection volume corresponds to the load volume of the tank.
Made of aluminium, no additional painting required, with oil collecting groove moulded on periphery for collection of leakage oil (Water resources act), produced according to DIN 24346 for no-press.
Hand screwdriver with automatic feed, HSP handheld screwdriver with automatic feed system for screws and headless pins.