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Zakład Usługowo-Produkcyjny EMITER Sp. Jawna St. Bieda, P. Lis


Skrudlak 3
34600 Limanowa

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The history of EMITER begins in 1992, when Mr. Stanisław Bieda and Mr. Piotr Lis has started their cooperation in electric business. Since the very beginning its main profile was the production of  switchgears in cabinets made of metal and laminated materials. Five years later EMITER introduces the first own product made of  glass fibre-reinforced polyester material. Finally, the company becomes one of the leaders among the producers using this raw material in that industry in Europe. 

Initially, we located our headquarters in Łososina Górna. In January 2008 we moved it to Limanowa, to the modern office, assembly, production and storage complex. Total space it’s over 4500 square meters. The main production plant is situated in Pisarzowa.

In 1999, in order to improve delivery logistic to customers situated in central and north part of Poland, we had opened EMITER’s branch in Łódź, next moved to Zgierz. At present it’s composed of trade office and assembly workrooms, with total space about 4000 square meters.

The need for dynamic progress was always very close or EMITER. Our technical backup consist of increase number of modern equipment, which helps to implement the professional solutions. We obtain important, international certificates, for example quality management system based on ISO 9001.

Our international activity has started in 1999. At first we began to cooperate with partners in our neighbourhood; Czech Republic and Slovakia, to develop our activity in nearly every country of Europe. In 2006 on German market was found a new company, our partner registered as EMITER GmbH. Nowadays our products could be found in many different countries all over the World.

  • Zakład Usługowo-Produkcyjny EMITER  Sp. Jawna St. Bieda, P. Lis
  • Zakład Usługowo-Produkcyjny EMITER  Sp. Jawna St. Bieda, P. Lis
  • Zakład Usługowo-Produkcyjny EMITER  Sp. Jawna St. Bieda, P. Lis

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