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Digital Single Market

Digital Single Market
The borderless nature of digital technologies means it no longer makes sense for each EU country to have its own rules for telecommunications services, copyright, data protection, or the management of radio spectrum.

More importantly, it's a golden opportunity. By fostering a digital single market, we can create up to €250 billion in additional growth, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and a vibrant knowledge-based society.

Citizens in the EU shouldn't have to pay roaming charges to use their mobile phones in other EU countries. Companies should be subject to the same data protection and consumer rules, regardless of where their computer servers are based.

  • Rapidly concluding negotiations on common EU data protection rules.
  • Giving more ambition to the ongoing reform of telecoms rules.
  • Modifying copyright rules to reflect new technologies.
  • Simplifying consumer rules for online purchases.
  • Making it easier for innovators to start their own company.
  • Boosting digital skills and learning.