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FiniT general distributor for Poland on behalf of such companies as:

BUSNELLI -     producer of restorative veneers, also known as modified or industrial veneers - 100 % of pattern and colour repeatability and exotic natural veneers of the highest quality (after double selection).

LIRI - producer of decorative and elevation laminates; for interior and exterior use; the richest collection in the world: about 500 decors.

ARESPAN - wooden slabs and poplar plywood, therein flexible plywood 'MULTIFLEX' made from African type of tree called ceiba.

ASA PLASTICI - office accessories like: drawers, keyboard shelves, separators, organizers, reels and furniture elements: handles and wire bushings, table legs etc.

TEMO - producer f furniture accessories: drawers, organizers, drawer inputs elements easy to mount, used in the furniture of offices, banks, surgeries, laboratories.

TECA -     producer of office containers on the basis of Temo products. Items characterised by amazing strength, representing ideal solution in offices, banks, administration.

BOLIS ITALIA - modern solutions at home, in shop, e.g. practical and functional shelf supports allowing to create unique arrangement of all kinds of rooms.

FERRARI - producer of furniture hitings, hinges drawers lifts and another solutions for furniture.


Products and services

Liri - laminatesThe company is a supplier of decorative, elevation and interior use laminates.
Arespan - wooden slabs and plywoodWooden slabs and plywood of very small weight (300-350 kg/m3), which surpass other materials available on the market with respect to stability, Multiflex plywood.
Busnelli - restorative veneers, modified or industrial veneersFiniT - general distributor for Poland of Businelli.
Office accessories, furniture accessoriesModern solutions at home, office accessories