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GLW Storing Systems GmbH


Huberstrasse 19
97084 Würzburg

Tel. +49 931 6677 210
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GLW® Storing Systems GmbH, founded 1979 in Würzburg (Northern Bavaria, Germany), is developing and providing high quality storage systems for laboratory samples for deep freezing, longterm storage and transport, as one of the leading specialist worldwide.

Hospitals, research institutes and industry, especially biotechnology, belong to our main customers.

With either storage boxes, slideboxes, stainless steel freezer racks, pipette boxes or racks, our system does accommodate all your storage requirements.

We have unique and hard to find storage solutions for your lab.

Ideal solutions for your storage needs

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Made in Germany

  • GLW Storing Systems GmbH
    GLW Storing Systems GmbH


Products and services

Cooling Racks, AccessoriesThe GLW ''Cooling Rack'' allows you to handle your test tubes that require continued cooling.
Racks for 1.5ml and 2ml tubes, SystemboxIf you are looking for a simple and economical system to securely store and ship your test tubes the perfect solution is our ''Styro Rack''.
Racks for 15ml and 50ml tubesThe most popular is our ''Blue Rack'' for use with 15 ml and 50 ml tubes.
Pipette BoxWith our system you have the ability to store, transport, autoclave and sterilize pipettes of varying lengths.
Freezer RacksFreezer Racks for boxes, slide boxes, deepwell plates and microtest plates
Slide BoxesWe are offering a wide selection of slide boxes with innovative accessories.
Cryo BoxesAutoclavable cryo- and storage box, made of PP (polypropylene), for freezer use, longterm storage and transport.