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KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH


Rodder Damm 170
48432 Rheine

Tel. +49 (0) 59 71 798
Fax +49 (0) 59 71 798 69
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As a leading manufacturer of high-quality drive and brake components, KTR supplies:

  • mechanical couplings,
  • clamping sets,
  • torque limiters,
  • measuring systems,
  • hydraulic components and high-power brakes all over the world. 

With more than 50 years experience in power transmission we are trendsetters in the development of coupling technology and offer customised solutions to all industries. The KTR trademark characterises quality and innovation, speed, reliability, flexibility and a close working relationship with customers.

  • ROTEX®-couplings
  • BoWex®-couplings
  • Hydraulic components
    Hydraulic components

Products and services

Hydraulic components, Oil sumps BSK/BNKFor BSK and BNK tanks, with and without foot, the collection volume corresponds to the load volume of the tank.
Hydraulic components, oil air cooler, oil water coolerThermomanagement, oil air cooler, oil water cooler, tank heatings, industrial controller, level and temperature switch.
Hydraulic components, Tanks BAK, BSK, BNK, BEKMade of aluminium, no additional painting required, with oil collecting groove moulded on periphery for collection of leakage oil (Water resources act), produced according to DIN 24346 for no-press.