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Since the very beginning of its business activity in 1973, ZPAS has produced a variety of industrial cabinets and enclosures. Initially, the Company operated as the Experimental Department of the Power System Automation Institute (IASE) in Wroclaw, to become a part of the Research and Manufacturing Centre for Power System Automation (CNPAE).

The line of products manufactured in the plant located in Przygorze incorporates important supporting elements of advanced telecommunications, IT and electric power systems.


Products and services

Data Center, server rooms, server cabinetsNon-standard cabinets are available on individual customer’s request.
Microprozessor panel MPSM-T for power and temperature controlMPSM-T is a programmable power supply and control panel with measurement of power range, current and voltage for each socket and the ambient temperature.
Power generators VISAVISA power generators: stationary, mobile, without enclosure or housed inenclosures or containers with sound proofing and resistant to weather conditions,with power ranging from 9 kVA to 2000 kVA.
data communication cabinets 19"Standard universal data communication cabinet designed for indoor applications. Offered in 40 size variations, of which 11 variations are in constant sale from our warehouse.