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By creating a connected digital single market, we can generate up to €250 billion of additional growth.

Igus, the plastics expert presents a new tribo-tape and other new products for the machine tool industry.

HEINRICH KIPP WERK is expanding its range of clamp levers with a greatly flattened version. These products are used for the most varied clamping and adjustment applications...

New figures show improved conditions across all markets in Europe, though services and the energy sector give cause for concern.

Hundreds of events promoting sustainable transport across Europe will take place over the next seven days as the 13th edition of European Mobility Week gets underway.

Checks on travel websites significantly improve compliance with consumer rights, with 62% now abiding by EU rules.

With its vast range of standard elements, Elesa+Ganter covers most application scenarios. But, with special designs, Elesa+Ganter also meets highly specific...

The market for apps - application software designed for mobile devices - already employs 1 million developers and 800 000 people in marketing and support posts in the EU.

Europe is catching up with the US and Japan in terms of innovation, but big gaps between countries need tackling, according to an EU report.

The European Commission has proposed measures to boost industry in Europe, which has been in decline since 2008, to secure job creation and economic growth.