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Feeding systems, step conveyor ZEL, vibration helical conveyor

Our feed units provide our screw and mounting systems with sufficient fasteners within a very short cycle time.

Sort, buffer, merge, transport.

The WEBER step conveyor: the smooth, quiet solution:

  • For parts with coatings, paint finishes or delicate surfaces.
  • Hopper made of stainless steel.
  • Low vibration exit track - to avoid abrasion.

Vibratory bowl feeder, step feeder, accessories:

  • Fasteners are poured into the bowl as bulk material and set in upward motion by the mechanical vibration of the bowl (microthrow principle).
  • Sorting and separating the material being conveyed at the bowl exit via proven Weber technology.

  • Step conveyor
    Step conveyor
  • Special versions
    Special versions
  • Vibratory bowl feeder ZEB
    Vibratory bowl feeder ZEB

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