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Joints, designed for heavy-duty industrial use, new productline

HEINRICH KIPP WERK is presenting a new product line: Joints for heavy-duty and ambitious industrial applications.

The wide ranging programme, with around 270 types and variations, includes rod ends, fork joints and angle joints. Each excels thanks to high base loads and axial carrying capacities. As a result, they are especially suited to industrial applications that require exacting reliability and a long-life cycle.

The joints are applied in situations where simple movements like linear pulling or pushing have to be carried out or an offset compensated for. KIPP supplies angle joints with ball thrust pins and ball seats conforming to DIN standards 71802, 71803 and 71805 for sites where movable corner connections are planned.

  • Joints, for heavy-duty and ambitious industrial applications
    Joints, for heavy-duty and ambitious industrial applications


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