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Wire mesh conveyor shot blast machinesWire mesh conveyor shot blast machines are used for, among other things, de-burring, de-scaling and cleaning of castings and laser-cut parts.
Steel mill tumble blast machines with deloading chuteAGTOS steel mill tumble blast machine with deloading chute, in this case in a foundry.
Continuous overhead rail shot blast machineAGTOS continuous overhead rail shot blast machine, here for the application in a foundry.
Roller conveyor blast machineAGTOS roller conveyor blast machine for metal sheets and sections.
Hanger-type blast machinesHanger-type blast machines are among the most flexible types of blasting equipment.
Rotary table blast machinesRotary table blast machines are usually loaded manually. They are most frequently used to clean cast or die-cast work pieces in batch mode and to roughen the surfaces of work pieces before coating.
Drum blast machinesAGTOS drum-type blasting units are ultra-modern machines based on a proven principle. They offer users many new technical details.
Diabolo blast machinesDiabolo blast machines are used to remove scale and rust from pipes, rods and rounded objects. If desired, blowoff equipment can be used to free pipes of abrasive.
Edge working, clean cut, true to sizeEdges slit with low burr are sometimes not enough. Therefore, we have specialized on different types of edge with various radii.
CNC milling - WaterJETWater cutting and machining of color metals scrap and construction plastics.