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Cooling Racks, AccessoriesThe GLW ''Cooling Rack'' allows you to handle your test tubes that require continued cooling.
"SlimLine" drum filler type 9Cost-effective drum filler in Feige quality for filling drums of up to 300 kg.
Accessories for hydraulic systemsPlugs, oil fill plugs, plugs for application with high temperatures, breather caps with vacuum breaker valve, oil level indicators, welded sockets, connector pieces, rapid levels with float.
Aluminium boards and plates - TABALProduction of license plates, pressed plates, engraved plates and other.
Aluminium construction profiles KANYA AGSystem of aluminum shapes and construction accessories, system of RVS pipe clamps, LVS Kanya, large portal profiles TECLINE.
Aluminium oil level K0246 with natural glass frontHousing in aluminium. Reflector in aluminium. Natural, clear glass viewing lens, temperature resistant to 150 °C. Flat seal, asbestos free Internal seal, Viton®.
Arespan - wooden slabs and plywoodWooden slabs and plywood of very small weight (300-350 kg/m3), which surpass other materials available on the market with respect to stability, Multiflex plywood.
Automatic drum filler type 84/86The AdvancedLine drum filler type 84 with 4 stations working in parallel is designed for the high speed and fully automatic and calibrated filling of drums.