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The Terms and Conditions


Article 1
[the definitions]

The phrases used in the Terms and Conditions mean as follows:

Service – the online service owned by the Provider available on the web pages:


Provider – Online Industry Trade Fair ITP, a company located in Cracow, os. Centrum B 1/86, 31-926/ Krakow, with the tax identification number (NIP)  5521554732 and national business registry number, REGON 122504387, providing online services.

Customer – a person running a business, a legal person or a corporation without legal authority, capable of conducting legal commitments and gaining rights, represented on the basis of common law, who fulfils the Terms and Conditions and has registered by creating an Account and thereby gaining access to the services granted by the Provider.

User – any person using the online Service.

Registry – a process aiming at creating a Customer Account or a User Account in the online Service.

Customer Account – a customer's profile on the Service, with a unique name and password, containing information, entered by the Customer and referring to their company, as well as photos, graphic designs and the activity within the Service. The accounts given by the Provider differ in the range of services. The Customer makes the choice of an account from the offer presented in the Service.

User Account – user's profile on the Service, with a unique name and password.

Services – services offered by the Provider on the Service web pages, both to the Customers and the Users. The range of services depends on the chosen type of Account.

Terms and Conditions – the hereby terms and conditions.

Article 2
[general terms]

2.1    The regulations state the terms and conditions of the services granted by the Provider via the Internet to the Customers and Users of the Service.

2.2    The Provider enables the Customers to publish information about their company, present their business offer and run a publicity campaign within the Service.

2.3    The Provider gives Users access to Customers' offers and assists in initialising trade relations via the Service.

2.4    The Terms and Conditions are available to be stored and accessed on regular basis.

2.5    The Provider is not a party in any transactions and deals between the Customers and Users of the Service.

2.6    Any person above 18 years old can use the Service.

2.7    The sole owner of all rights used in the Service, graphic elements, layouts, signs including the Service name and logo as well as all the texts in the Service is the Provider. The contents of this website is copyright protected with all rights reserved unless specifically marked otherwise.

2.8    The Terms and Conditions are regulations based on Online Services Act, par. 8, dated 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U. Z 2002r. Nr 144, poz. 1204).

2.9    Accepting the hereby regulations, which are a part of every contract or arrangement made via the Service is the condition of using the services of the Provider.

2.10    The technical condition of using the Service is owning a computer with an Internet access and an e-mail address on any server.

Article 3
[The range and type of services]

3.1    The Users can register and create and Account in their own name or on behalf of their corporation. The service is free for the Users.

3.2    Any User who does not have the Customer status in the Service may access the catalogue of the Customers and information about their companies. Any User registered in the Service may contact a chosen Customer and present an inquiry.

3.3    Creating a Customer Account is a free or paid service and the price depends on the type of account and the length of the subscription. Detailed range of accounts on offer is available in the Service. The Customer may choose any of the available accounts.

3.4    To create an account, both Customers and Users, must complete the registration process. The aim of the registration is to gain basic contact information and to verify the identity of the person creating an account.

3.5    The registration process is completed by filling in the registration form provided by the Service. Any person registering in the Service must comply to give real and relevant information. A person registering thereby states to be in a position to do so.

3.6    Any person registering in the Service must give real and relevant information. A person registering thereby states to be in a position to do so.

3.7    The Provider has the right to verify the information given in the registration process by phone or e-mail contact.

3.8    Filling in the registration form and undergoing the verification process results in finishing the registration process and creating a personal account. The holder of the account is sent information about the Service. The Customers are additionally sent information about the price and the subscription expiry date. Confirming the choice of services means accepting the contract.

3.9    The account is activated by the Provider. The Provider has the right to deny an account to a Customer or User whose activity is inconsistent with the Service profile. In such situation the Customer or User will be notified immediately.

3.10    After registration and choosing the account, the Customer is obliged to pay the activation fee to the Provider's bank account. The Customer will be sent an invoice for the service provided.

3.11    Having received the fee, the Provider will begin the services for the Customer according to the Account type they have chosen.

Article 4
[the rights and obligations of Customers and Users]

4.1    Customers who have successfully registered and created an account in the Service may use the Service data banks and all else provided by the Service.

4.2    Customers are obliged to input true and reliable information about their companies and business ventures.

4.3    Customers, who use photos, graphic designs and other creative elements in their profile are responsible for having the copyright.

4.4    Customers and Users publishing via the Service must abide by the rules of professional ethics and good manners. It is forbidden to publish material which is or may be offensive, infringing or abusive. It is also forbidden to publish material which is or may be misleading or in any way violating the rules of fair competition.

4.5    Any User or Customer noticing a violation of the Terms and Condition should notify the Provider by pointing to:
a) the User or Customer who breaches the regulations.
b) the manner in which the regulations were breached.

Article 5
[the rights and obligations of the Provider]

5.1    The Provider is obliged to grant services.

5.2    The Provider gives Customers and Users all documents and information helpful in using the Service and gives technical assistance within the Service.

5.3    The Provider has the right to develop and modify the Service, which does not influence the rights of Customers and Users granted by the Terms and Conditions.

5.4    The Provider holds no responsibility for any problems caused by misleading information on Customer's profile or caused by misuse of the Service.

5.5    The Providers holds no responsibility for any harm or damage caused by Customers and Users to each other or a third party.

5.6    The Provider holds no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the Customer's or User's own actions, breaching the Terms and Conditions, violating the law, good manners or common rules of society.

5.7    The Provider holds no responsibility for consequences of reviling the account log in and password to a third party.

5.8    In case of breaching the Terms and Conditions by a Customer or User, the Provider may use the following measures:
a) official warning
b) deleting the offensive material
c) suspending the account
d) deleting the account and thereby withdrawing the services

5.9    In case of 5.8 c the Provider holds the right to the account fee for the Customer's Account.

5.10    The Provider has the right to temporary pauses in the Service for maintenance and conservation works, updating the Service, exchanging, developing and configuration of the hardware and software (technical break).

Article 6
[privacy policy]

6.1    By registering in the Service, a Customer or User must accept the the Provider's right to process personal data given in the registration form.

6.2    The personal information is processed by the Provider only for the purposes of the Service.

6.3    The Provider informs that giving personal data is voluntary, however necessary, in accordance with personal data protection act, par 23, point 1.3, dated 29th August 1997. Customer's application for deleting the information given in the registration form makes it impossible to use the Service and thereby is terminating the contract.

6.4    The Provider guarantees the processing of personal data in accordance with personal data protection act (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U. z 2002r. Nr 101 poz.  926) and online service provider law.

6.5    The Provider, as the administrator of personal data, is registered in the Personal Data Protection Office (GIODO).

6.6    Customers may at any time get information on the reason, range and way of processing and releasing the data. Customers may also demand supplementing, updating, correcting or deleting their personal data.

6.7    In order to maintain the User's session and better adjustment to the User's needs, the Provider may store cookies on the hard drive of their computer.

6.8    The User may change their browser disabling the storage of cookies on their hard drive. If so, some elements of the Service may be inactive.

Article 7
[filing a complaint]

7.1    Customers and Users have the right to file a complaint concerning unreliable service of the Provider.

7.2    The complaint should be sent in writing to the Provider's address within 2 months from the mistreatment.

7.3    The complaint should include:
a) Customer's or User's identification
b) the exact reason for the complaint
c) the circumstances justifying the complaint

7.4    The Provider investigates the complaint within 14 days since receiving it. The response to the complaint is sent to the Customer's or user's address, given in the complaint.

Article 8
[final regulations]

8.1    Customers and Users will be informed of any changes in the Terms and Conditions not later than 7 days before they are introduced by the Provider.

8.2    Customers have the right to object to any changes in the Terms and Conditions within 14 days since receiving information about a change, as stated in Article 7 of the regulations. An objection is understood as termination of the contract.

8.3    All disputes between the Provider and Customer or User without the Customer status, which will not be ruled out by filing a complaint, are subject to Polish court appropriate for the Provider's location.

8.4    The Terms and Conditions include the common law, especially acts dated 23rd  April 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U. Nr 16, poz. 93 ze zm.); the online service provider law dated 18th July 2002, (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland -  Dz. U. Nr 144, poz. 1204 ze zm.); consumer rights act dated 2nd March 2000 and responsibility for dangerous products,  (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U. Nr 22, poz. 271 ze zm.); act of specific conditions of purchase and Civil Code changes dated 27th July 2002 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U. Nr 141, poz.1176 ze zm.) and personal data protection act dated 29th August 1997 ( Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland - Dz. U., Nr 133, poz. 883 ze zm.).